CYD Face-to-Face Workshop for Parents and Educators Feb 2018

On Sunday, the day was illuminated by some parents joining our event, and sharing their experiences and life situations to expose our Educators to many sides of this complex prism that is the representation of our lives.

Through the use of communication and illustration dynamic exercises Ligia and Julio allowed the participants to understand the difficulties involved in resolving issues with our family ties.  How to solve or at least new approaches to attempt to solve our daily issues found in everyone’s house holds today.  And finally how important it is to provoke the inner-transformation in each one of us, as one small change of behavior may change the entire dynamic of a family daily harmony.

All participants were very happy to have been able to share these experiences with this group of people that are so interested in making our children of today ready to make tomorrows future decisions wiser.

Here are some images of this extremely interactive workshop:

CYD Face-to-Face Educators Workshop Feb 2018

We just spent an exiting weekend with our friends Julio and Ligia Carvalho from the Tri-State Federation that came to facilitate a very enlightening workshop for Educators and Parents in Florida.

On Saturday, Educators driven workshop, they showed us how to differentiate our friends from the parents of the children we teach and the importance of having these 2 aspects of ourselves separated.

It has also gave us a vivid visual of the reality of what occurs when a person is being under a process of obsession by unfriendly spirits that we can now use this information to attempt to show the children how to prevent it and how important it is to watch and pray on a daily basis.

In our totality we have just over 100 educators in the state of Florida and we have the pleasure to say that we had 27 Educators present in this seminar.  A record breaking number with representation of 12 different centers in the Florida State.

Here are some of the pictures of this Awesome First day of activities: