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CYD Next Events…. Come and Join us at Chico Xavier SC Open House….

What is next for the CYD?

Welcome to the New
School Year…  The CYD will be bringing this year many exiting things
that will enrich our lives and will allow us to get together and strive to
assist to make this world a better place for all of us.  Many events,
and new things are coming down the pipe to make available to you many
things we have been working on.

Let’s Start with a quick recap…

  • Jan/2015 – Workshop with Bernadete Leal in
    English in Fort Myers
  • Jun/2015 – “Encontro de Evangelizadores”
    with Sandra Borba and Miriam Dusi in Portuguese in Port Saint
  • Nov/2015 – CYD Semi-Anual with Jussara Korngold in
    Portuguese in Miami Beach (CEFA/CLSG)
  • Feb/2016 – Storytelling Workshop for Educators with
    Beti Rozen and Peter Hays in English in Port Saint Lucie
  • Jun/2016 – Workshop Evangelizacao Espiritia – with
    Fernanda Trein and Cristina Ribeiro in Tampa
  • Jun/2016 – Open House with Cristina Ribeiro in
  • Sep/2016 – Participation on the 8th Spiritist
    Educators Workship in the Tri-State with Lucia Moyse.
  • Sep 18th – CYD Open Forum Conf Call – Details
  • Sep 24th – Open House with Spiritist Center
    Chico Xavier in Delray Beach- flyer with more information
  • Oct 16th – CYD Cara-a-Cara – Educando a Nova
    Geraçao with Daniel Assis in Portuguese in Deerfield Beach –
    Registration will open next week
  • Nov 19th – IV Annual Workshop Prevention for Youth
    Program in NY Let’s Take our Teens – Poster with more information
And much more to
come… Please don’t miss our next conf call Open Forum on Sep 18th at 7 pm
and be a part of this exiting group that is helping so much and more
importantly learning so much in the process.

CYD Open Forum Quarterly


Time:   6:00pm-6:30pm

Where:   On Line – Click Here

Call in No.:   (872) 240-3311

Meeting ID:   815-950-789 (access code)

What do you need:

– A Computer, a headset or a Phone, and the will to help out!!!!!

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