Jesus, Baby Jesus and Creation Mat



These Creations:  Baby Jesus, and Creation Mat Simple and Full were created in Miami by Glais she is an expert seamstress that can certainly do anything, including the larger Jesus size you can contact her @ 305-903-3480

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Esse Jesus foi feito no Brasil, mais especificamente em BH pela Danielle Abreu (55-31) 98822-1235, ela e quem faz os tapetes e todo o material que a Sheila Passos utiliza.

Teaching Teachers To Teach Challenging Students

Disruptive behavior in classrooms is an extremely frustrating problem for teachers, as more and more kids with psychiatric and developmental challenges are mainstreamed into classrooms with one teacher and 25 or more youngsters. Michael Winerip, in the New York Timesreports on the unfortunate result when strapped school districts don’t give these kids the support they need to succeed: outbursts and threatening behavior that ends with the out-of-control child being sent to the emergency room. In most cases the kids aren’t admitted to the hospital—they’re just calmed down and sent back to school the next day.

In the case of one particular boy, these violent outbursts happened over and over, until he got a paraprofessional, and then a teacher, who, Winerip writes, “has shown him how to control his behavior.”

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Choosing a Parent Training Program

Despite the dizzying number of parenting books out there, sometimes parents need more support and coaching than a manual can provide. In part that’s because some kids are just more prone to challenging behaviors, and tougher to manage, than others.

Even the most charming of children can get out of control, with parents stuck in ineffectual ruts and the level of frustration and conflict mounting in the family. Sometimes, says Dr. Matthew Rouse, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute’s ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center, behavior problems are associated with ADHD and other developmental or emotional challenges.

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