I am a Parent

Congratulations! You have just showed interest in your child Spirit Education. We all live busy lives but it is important to keep up the education of our children the same way it is important to keep up our own education, so we can evolve and slowly accomplish this great mission given to us by God.

We have workshops that are delivered at your Spiritist Center by our Team as well as 2 major Workshops a Year that are geared to parents. One of them is in English called Face-to-Face that occurs in February and the other one is in Portuguese called Cara-a-Cara that occurs in the September/October time frame depending on the availability of the invited guest Speaker.

It is important to add your name to our database so, please send us an email to cyd@spiritistfederation.us with your Name, email, cell phone number, Spiritist Center you belong to so we can include you in the communications for our next event.

Have a beautiful day!!!

CYD Team.